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Frequently asked questions

How does Infoshopi work?

Step 1: You choose the package and make payment using card or GPAY | PayTM Step 2: We confirm payment and schedule an initial call with you to understand your profile and identify right interviewer | counsellor Step 3: We provide 3 interview slots for you to choose from Step 4: Interviews conducted as per scheduled date & time Step 5: Interviewer provides a detailed report on candidate’s email highlighting strengths and improvement areas Step 6: Depending on the plan, there could be job coaching sessions and additional mock interview

What kind of feedback will I get? Will I also get support to implement the feedback plan?

You will get a detailed email report highlighting what your strengths are, what could have been better and a suggested implementation plan You will also get the option of utilizing our service where our mentor will work with you for multiple 1 hour sessions helping you with the implementation of the feedback plan and track progress

What about my data privacy?

Data Privacy is of utmost importance in infoshopi. We care about both the interviewers and the candidates. There will be no candidate data shared outside of the infoshopi team

Will I get interview tips?

Yes, we have a youtube channel that gives free interview tips in the form of short 1 minute videos. In addition, we will also share with you some general tips based on the job profile and the organization, if shared by the candidate

Will I get refund if I couldnt attend the interview?

If you are not able to join an interview, there will be no refund provided as the interviewer's slot would have been booked to accommodate the session. However, if you are able to update us upfront and ask for a reschedule, it could be possible depending on the interviewer's availability. For the reschedule, you need to reach out to us atleast 48 hours in advance

I have a question which is not in FAQ. How do I get an answer?

Please submit your query by clicking on the chat icon and we will get back to you with a detailed response. Alternately, you can submit your query by clicking this link and we will get back to you with response