3 most effective ways to answer the Interview question “Do you have any questions?”

Towards the end of the job interview, the interviewer typically turns the table and puts the task of ending the interview on you. A time at which you are already tired answering the interview questions and have started setting your mind on the next task to be done. There is ONE WRONG ANSWER and that’s “No, I don’t have any questions”.

When an interviewer asks you “Do you have any questions?” or “Is there anything else you want to know?”, it is a final chance for you to show the interviewer about your homework and to understand any outstanding queries that you have on your mind.

What not to ask

1. Never say “No, I don’t have any questions”

2. Never ask about something for which you could get the answer from the company website or internet media

What to ask

There are number of things you can ask about. Below are the 3 most effective areas in which you can ask a question:

1. Details about the job

2. Details about the organization

3. Details about the interviewer (yes, it is effective)


1. Details about the job:

There are number of questions that you can ask about the job for which you are being interviewed.

- You can ask about the history of the position that gives you some understanding or context of the job

- You can ask about the challenges that are currently in place so that you can prepare your 30-60-90 day plan. You can frame the question as “Is there any specific challenges that I need to concentrate on priority when I take over the role?”

2. Details about the organization:

You can leverage this opportunity to know about the company from the interviewer’s standpoint. Some of the areas that you can ask questions are below:

- Company culture or typical leadership style in the organization

- Growth opportunities made available for employees

- Work life balance related initiatives handled by the organization

3. Details about the interviewer:

It is always a good thing to expand your professional network. In showing interest to know about the interviewer, you also ensure that you start on the right foot if you get the job. Some areas that you can ask questions are:

- Interviewer’s association with the organization

- Span in current role


Though you get only one chance to make a first impression, it is always good to leave a lasting impression. No matter how you have performed so far, if you ask the right question when you get this chance, they will certainly remember it when they make the decision. Make sure you ask the right question and ask it rightly.

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