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How to prepare and practice using mock interviews

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Definition of Mock Interview

A mock interview or a practice interview is a simulation of a real job interview and gives you the opportunity to practice interviewing and receive feedback on your interview skills. They are ideal practice option as you are in a situation that reflects an actual interview. The mock interviews could be in-person interviews or Online mock interviews.

Mock Interview
Mock Interview

Online video interview sessions are recorded for the candidate’s self-introspection and to work on the improvement plan.

How to prepare & attend Mock Interview

Make sure to take your mock job interview as seriously as a real interview and consider the mock interviewer as someone who is going to offer you a job. To maximize the benefit of attending a mock interview, it is critical that you prepare and research as you would do for an actual interview.

Advantages of Mock Interview
Practice Makes Perfect - Bruce Lee

Few key points to remember while attending a mock interview:

  1. Prepare answers to general questions, functional questions and behavioral questions. Sharing the complete job description with the Mock interviewer will help so that the questions can be asked specific to the career domain

  2. Be on time and keep your resume and any other materials ready as you would for a real interview

  3. Make notes when Interviewer is asking questions

  4. Dress appropriately. It is better to let the interviewer know about the company so that the company culture can be simulated

Benefits of Mock Interviews

Mock interview provides with number of advantages for job seekers like you. Though the benefits of mock interviews are numerous, below are 4 key benefits of attending a mock interview:

1. Familiarization with process and questions:

Interview preparation through mock interviews will help you to familiarize with the interview process and in answering common interview questions with confidence. This is made possible as you will review the recording and modify your responses appropriately. And it is not just about the response. By playing back the video recording or by working with the interview coach, you can examine not only your answers, but also your body language, eye contact and interview attire.

In addition, you will also be able to showcase the effort you had put in doing the research on the company because you will know the information inside and out

2. Zero Stress during actual interviews:

It is a known fact that interviews are bothersome and stressful. When assessed by an unknown person and when under pressure, it's much harder to showcase your best side! There are a few tricks that can help calm the nerves, but they aren't as helpful as solid knowledge, interview preparation and practice. Mock interviews give you the opportunity to get rid of these anxieties during multiple exercises and you can attend the actual interview with zero stress.

3. Formal feedback & Interview coaching:

You get a detailed feedback along with the recording of your own interview. With a trained career specialist, you get interview tips on what recruiting professionals in your domain are looking for, how to prepare in advance and best practices for post-interview follow-up.

4. Boost your confidence

The Interview feedback will include your strengths that you can continue to exhibit in the actual interview and the areas to improve along with an improvement plan. With a clear knowledge of your strengths and having worked on the improvement areas based on the constructive feedback received from the interview coach, you will perform better in an actual interview.

Benefits of mock interview through practice
Practice until you can't go wrong


Mock interviews provide you with the perfect opportunity on what to do and say in an actual interview. With more practice comes perfection. Take advantage of mock interviews by considering the feedback received from the interview coach. Be confident with your strengths and work on the suggested improvement areas. If in doubt, ask a professional coach to help you out. This could be in any area ranging from behavioral questions to body language. Get a confidence boost and “Be Ready, Always

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