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What We Do








Boost your confidence by booking a session with our Interview coach and succeed in your interview 

Duration - 60 Minutes

Cost - INR 1499 

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80% of people claim that their confidence level gets boosted when they interact with a coach. Our interview coaching service will help you realize your true potential that will help you in your interviews. Our Interview coaching service provides you with various strategies and feedback to help you realize your true potential and to ace the interviews.


You will get a One-to-One session with an industry expert to cover various elements depending on your preferences.


The interview coaching session could cover any (or more than one) of the below:

  • Anticipating and steering the job interview to your strength areas

  • Interview tips for most common interview questions

  • Usage of STAR technique to answer behavior questions with examples

  • Hypothetical examples for bouncer questions or difficult interview questions

  • Sample Leadership Interview questions and templates along with examples

  • Suggestions and recommendations on how to do a research before the interview


Book a 60 minute interview coaching session with our interview coach now to boost your chances of landing your dream job

Perfect your practice by booking a mock interview online with our industry experts and succeed in your interview 

Duration - 60 Minutes

Cost - INR 1099 

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mock interviews


Our mock interview online service provides you with an excellent platform to prepare and practice before the real interview. You will get a One-to-One telephonic or video session with our experienced interviewers depending on your preference.

Our mock interview service covers the following:

  • Customized Interview depending on your experience and job description

  • Detailed feedback and recording of the mock interview session to help you evaluate your own interview performance

  • Interview tips to improve the chances of clearing the job interview

  • Confidence boost by highlighting your core areas of strengths based on your interview performance

Book a 60 minute mock interview session with our specialist interviewers now to boost your chances of landing your dream job

combo offers

A total package covering both interview coaching session and mock interviews to enable and empower you for success with your interviews. You can select multiple sessions from the available combo package which will all happen on different days allowing time to assess, reflect and improve on the job preparation

You can select from one of our below combo offers:

  • Job Prep – Combo Plus: 10% Discounted combo offer of 1 Mock Interview + 1 Interview Coaching session

  • Job Prep – Combo Ultimate: 25% Discounted combo offer of 1 Coaching session + 1 Mock Interview + 1 More Coaching session

Call us for sessions and events that can be conducted On-Campus or as a virtual event

Giving a Lecture

campus events | Coaching


With proper preparation, students in colleges and institutions can make a powerful impact during interviews for jobs and internships. Infoshopi would be glad to collaborate with colleges and institutes as Interview coach. We provide physical workshops and virtual sessions through webinars. Our first group session is absolutely free for colleges and institutions.  

Our webinars and physical workshops cover a number of topics and the agenda will be either based on the request from students or a comprehensive coverage of interview process and tips:

  • Book a FREE group session with our specialist interviewers now to boost your chances of landing your dream job or internship